Message from Management

Message from Management
Message from Management Message from Management

Our Mission

As a “human-oriented” company, we reach boldly beyond the norm to bring wonder and inspiration to people’s everyday lives guided by concepts of Health, Cleanliness & Beauty.

ウィリアム・チャン<br/><span>William Chan</span>

SUNWA started as a trading company in the 1960's. Together with our retail partners, we have brought various products to Hong Kong for our customers. To create a sustainable business for our suppliers, we added our value from trading to marketing in 1990's. Till today, we have successfully built many strong No.1 brands in the Hong Kong market. Together with Brian, we will continue to help customers create a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.


William Chan

Succeeding in the mission, we want to continue to bridge the gap between suppliers and customers. The Market landscape has changed a lot recently, yet we believe when there is change there are opportunities. I had the opportunity to live in Tokyo for two years while I was earning my MBA at Waseda University. During that time, I experienced the Japanese culture and realized there are lots of products that would match Hong Kong customers' wants. What it needs is someone in Hong Kong that can help bring these brands to Hong Kong and let customers realize the benefits of these items. SUNWA is here to achieve that purpose. We have an extensive sales channel network in Hong Kong and Macau, professional logistics services to accommodate the needs of different suppliers and a team of marketing professionals to build sustainable brands. Together with you, let's build your brands to success in your overseas expansion.


Brian Chan

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